Supporting you from design through to implementation

Energy and industry solutions 

Supporting you from design through to implementation

Our integrated hardware, software and service solutions support energy, natural resources and industry projects from design to maintenance and decommissioning.

Focused on innovative, segment-specific solutions, we work closely with you to help bring down total costs over the life cycle of an asset through accelerated project schedules and improved operational efficiency.

How our solutions can help your project

Demonstrated experience

Benefit from our 75 years in construction and a proven track record of innovation and research and development.

Segment-specific solutions

Help lower total cost of ownership and boost competitiveness with specializations ranging from fastenings on steel and concrete to modular supports and firestopping.

Global footprint

Get access to a truly global network of business developers supported by project management offices and a presence on the ground in 120 countries.

Total project support

Enjoy dedicated project support ranging from upfront design in 3D modeling software to assistance in the construction phase.

Solutions for power

Benefit from reliable products and expert local and global networks

Help reduce total costs over the lifetime of your asset with solutions for power generation, utilities and substations. Our comprehensive offering ranges from fastenings for industrial equipment to pipe supports. Backed by extensive warranties, these solutions are designed to reduce delays caused by tool and product breakdowns and accelerate project schedules. When you work with us, you’ll also benefit from expert support. Local account managers and field engineers, assisted by a global project management network, can provide tailored solutions for even the most complex projects.

Solutions for natural resources

Lower costs with a broad portfolio of products, services and software

Partner with us for onshore oil and gas projects and obtain expert support – all the way from front-end engineering through to decommissioning. Our extensive offering includes modular systems with solutions for fastening on steel that help ensure faster installation and greater operational flexibility.

For mining, our integrated solutions are designed to reduce the costs and complexity of projects in remote locations. Benefit from productive solutions for fastening on steel and concrete, flexible, non-welded modular support structures for corrosive environments, and innovative tools for drilling, demolition and cutting. You’ll also receive expert project assistance from field engineers with local know-how.

Solutions for industry

Efficient design, faster installation and operational flexibility

Whether you're retooling an automotive plant or designing a new pharmaceutical facility, our solutions for the manufacturing and process industries are designed to deliver safer and faster design and installation, as well as full operational flexibility and lower downtime due to maintenance. You’ll also receive comprehensive, ongoing support to help you meet required approvals and reduce costs. For OEMs, we offer innovative anchors and tools for safer installation. In addition, our customized logistics solutions help ensure a leaner, more reliable supply chain.

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Solutions for shipbuilding

Optimize productivity and flexibility with non-welded modular supports

Active in shipbuilding? Our modular support solutions are lighter than comparable products and are easier to install. In addition, refitting can be carried out by just one person without the need for specialist equipment. Because no welding or hot work is required, you'll open the door to benefits including increased productivity, lower running costs and increased safety. In addition, our modular support solutions have high-corrosion resistance and no painting is required. By partnering with us, you can also access services including engineering and onsite support as well as customized logistics solutions.