Schaan (FL), August 16, 2017 – Some 22 new apprentices began their vocational training with the Hilti Corporation last week. They have begun an education in one of seven various professions.

“Once again this year we were able to fill all of our apprenticeship positions and we are pleased that we have also attracted three young women to technical vocations,” says Remo Kluser, Head of Vocational Training at Hilti. One of the young women is Aisvine Gunathevan, who is beginning an apprenticeship as a polymechanic. She explains her vocational choice: “Craftsmanship skills are one of my strengths and I enjoy using my hands. I also love mathematics and want to put my knowledge to use in a profession. After attending “young women’s technology day” and an additional three-day trial apprenticeship at Hilti my instincts tell me that Hilti is the right place for me.” Philipp Studer, who holds a Matura, is another of the new apprentices. He has chosen an abridged professional vocation as part of the “Way-up” program which will open a technical study path for him. “My strengths are geometry and mathematics and I also enjoy technology and drafting and have good powers of imagination which is why I decided on an apprenticeship in design engineering. I found the conditions I was looking for at Hilti: a two-year vocational program and an open working atmosphere.”

The youths are facing an exciting period of learning in which they will gather not only technical knowledge, but also organizational and social skills. One of the things that they will be responsible for, in the second year of the apprenticeship, is an independent aid project to assist Alpine farmers. Another unique program is the “Junior Company,” which is organized in the third year of study. In this exercise the apprentices create and manage their own company, assuming all responsibilities from commercial management to manufacturing, finance and marketing. The apprentices will also attend informational events at schools and will be present at Hilti’s “Discover Day,” where children are introduced to the world of the natural sciences.

At the outset of their vocational training all new apprentices from Hilti Corporate Headquarters and the Swiss market organization met for the traditional introductory week of activities, which took place both in Schaan, Liechtenstein, and in Wildhaus Switzerland. In addition to getting to know one another as well as the Hilti world, they were tasked with initial project-related work.



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