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The construction industry plays a crucial role in meeting the needs of our growing population, from building schools and hospitals to homes and roads. Currently the industry consumes a huge amount of raw materials and natural resources, and is responsible for almost 40% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions.

However, there are positive signs that the industry is taking steps to become more sustainable. In a recent survey 47% of respondents said sustainability is now a major concern, and 58% of engineering and construction firms said they have reduced overall energy consumption. At Hilti we take responsibility for actively managing the environmental impact of our activities, and implementing sustainable business practices, and we are here to help you to do the same.

The current state of the construction industry

25 %

green house gas emissions
The construction industry is responsible for around 25% of global GHG emissions.

42 %

market increase
The global construction market is predicted to grow by 42% by 2030.

4.5 trillion USD

growth by 2030
The construction market is expected to grow by US$4.5 trillion by 2030.

69 %

of total emissions
Operating and using existing buildings contributes 69% of total emissions along the construction value chain.

Working together to stop climate change

Helping you reduce your environmental impact while growing your construction business

The carbon footprint of building materials such as concrete and steel is responsible for up to 16% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. And of the total global energy-related CO2 emissions, 69% of total emissions come from operating and using existing buildings. We can't ignore these numbers. Sustainability is not just a buzz word – it will be crucial to our future success as businesses.

We want to ensure long-term success for ourselves and for you, our customers, by working together on energy efficient solutions that will help us grow our businesses sustainably. We can help you decrease your carbon footprint in the construction phase and increase energy efficiency during the operational phase, while ensuring a healthier and safer environment for your buildings. Our products and solutions can help you optimize work processes and designs to reduce wastage and increase energy efficiency.

A sustainable approach

Circular economy

Our circularity approach focuses on the entire life cycle of our products from design to production to repair, generating maximum value from a minimum use of raw construction materials and resources – doing more with less. 

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Green buildings

Green buildings produce lower carbon emissions with higher resource and energy efficiency, using renewable and uncontaminated raw materials. We can can help you reduce the negative effects on the environment while creating a positive atmosphere for your tenants, all according to green certification criteria. 

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Our commitment to growing sustainably

Reducing our carbon footprint with green building

As an industry we share a crucial role in researching, developing and producing lower-carbon building materials and increasing the lifetime of materials. Hilti has strongly committed to working with the SBTi to help limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. In the short-term we also plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions along our entire value chain by 2033, and in the long-term to achieve net-zero by 2050. With this commitment, we can support you – our customers’ – sustainability initiatives. If we want to be successful in the long run, we need to start conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of our actions now.

Click below to read more about our three sustainability pillars: operating with less of a burden on the environment, ensuring greater health and safety in construction, and contributing to a fairer society.

Our sustainability progress so far

18 %

Water consumption reduced in our plants
By using water drawn from ground and surface water sources we were able to reduce water consumption in our plants by 18% compared to the year before.

100 %

Green electricity usage in all our operations worldwide
Our operations are run on 100% green electricity worldwide, either through purchase or our own photovoltaic systems.

100,000 parts

10x increased usage of refurbished spare parts in our repairs
We have expanded our reusage program and increased the number of refurbished spare parts in our repairs from 10,000 to 100,000 in two years.

300 projects

Supported by 6,000 Hilti team members
We want to have a sustainable positive impact where our employees live and work. Our social engagement is based on two programs: The Hilti Foundation and our volunteering program “Engaged Beyond Business”.

Increase Productivity

Construction can lag behind when it comes to productivity. Let us help you digitize processes and improve workflows with our end-to-end solutions for advanced layout, baseplates, commercial piping, decking, drywall, post-installed rebar and others.

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Improve Construction safety

Protect your employees and design safer buildings with our construction safety solutions, such as reducing tool vibration, controlling the risks of construction dust, helping your teams work more safely and comfortably.

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Construction trends

The construction industry is constantly evolving. Find out how to accelerate your projects, reduce costs, and prepare your company for the future with our solutions, such as such as BIM services, smart tool data, and the Jaibot drilling robot.

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